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Kansas City Takes Data-Driven Approach to Addressing Blight

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The TTPs of Privacy and Security of the IoT

This article looks at the tactics, techniques, and practices (TTPs) that enable the management of security and privacy risks for IoT. Security professionals are likely familiar with this term of art in the context of cyber threat intelligence and incident response, only here has it been adapted it to help practitioners frame cyber security and privacy risk response for the IoT.

(E. Kenneally, “The TTPs of Privacy and Security of the IoT,” in IEEE Internet of Things Magazine, vol. 1, no. 2, pp. 8-11, December 2018. doi: 10.1109/MIOT.2018.8717595, available at

Scratching Below the Surface: IoT Privacy Risk

Further to the topic of Privacy & Security for Smart Cities (E. Kenneally, “Scratching Below the Surface: IoT Privacy Risk,” in IEEE Internet of Things Magazine, vol. 1, no. 1, pp. 8-10, SEPTEMBER 2018. doi: 10.1109/MIOT.2018.8552484, available at

This column delves into privacy risks of the IoT using risk concepts that are more native to the security domain in order to conceptually bridge our collective understanding, articulation, and management of privacy concerns in the IoT which otherwise might not be sufficiently considered or foreseen by existing legal and technical controls. It has become almost cliché that the so called Internet of Things (IoT) means different things to different people. When it comes to privacy and security risks, what is implicit across the myriad conceptualizations of IoT lies the key to unearthing why IoT risk heralds a difference with a distinction compared to traditional offline and online contexts. Critics of an exceptionalist view of IoT risk might contend that the IoT is really just distributed computing on steroids, i.e., the IoT is merely a relabeling and repackaging of technologies past like client-server, web services, SoA, mobile, virtualization, and distributed computing, which means that risk management is merely an exercise in grafting the decades-long understanding of privacy and security from those familiar contexts onto the IoT. Without getting into a religious debate, it is incontrovertible that there are advances in the quality and quantity of data collection from IoT technologies as opposed to previous generations of technology, and these are driven by real and prospective socioeconomic value propositions.

Smart CIty: Coral Gables Leader Raimundo Rodulfo

Welcome to Aspen’s Podcast – Episode 6 – Smart Cities and Communities – today’s guest is a distinguished Smart City / Community leader: Mr Raimundo Rudolfo, Director of Information Technology, Chief Information and Innovation Officer at the City of Coral Gables Florida. He’s successfully implemented many the Smart City initiatives and break new ground continuously.

He’s been able to apply new technology, gain support from stakeholders by using lean and efficient methods that free up capital and resources to apply to new initiatives.

His globally recognized benefits to the Citizens, businesses and stakeholders in his communities are generously shared through his presentations to Mayors, Community managers, Universities and Businesses.

He’s actively participating in leadership organizations, including the National Institute for Standards and Technology, Global City Teams Challenge organization. He’s a contributor to the GCTC Data supercluster as well.

I’m excited to share the discussion Raimundo and I had about Coral Gables and his series of successes. Welcome to Aspen’s Podcast Raimundo.