About NIST GCTC Data SuperCluster

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We’ve entered for fourth industrial revolution. A new system is evolving that must be fairer, maximizing human well being primarily. It is not focused on expanding consumption, rather this period of transition focuses on relationships among one another, with nature, work and our lives.

The Data Supercluster focuses on use-cases that support a different economic model. One that fits today’s rapidly evolving sets of shared efficiencies such as crowd-sourced data and shared experience and intelligence.

This evolutionary model redefines work, capital flows in ways that make it possible where the resources of the planet are sustainable, more fairly accessed, and meets the needs of every human on the planet. A new system embraces disruptive ideas, innovation and finds ways to encourage a just and fair value exchange.

NIST Global Cities Team Challenge Data Supercluster

Data is at the heart of understanding the natural and built environment. Accurate data from existing sensors, systems, and new technology IoT sensors can help quantify opportunities for change that shape the fourth industrial revolution to fit a citizen / human-centric world. Powerful edge computing, high resolution, inexpensive resource measuring systems, for air, water, land quality, usage is here now.

Use cases go beyond simple energy efficiency models, to mitigating natural disasters, identifying risk areas and building for an ever-changing climate, and resource inflow model.

Data SuperCluster aims to address these forth industrial revolution changes, including the ongoing trend toward urbanization and the loss of human resources in rural areas.  Data measurements also confirm or disprove rapid development of infrastructure is sustainable and in harmony with the natural and built environment.

In order to address a new paradigm in the global economy, one that is fairer and both ecologically and economically sustainable, the DSC has taken on the challenge of facilitating greater sharing of knowledge and ideas among its 106 members and other stakeholders, through online facilities, face to face meetings and ongoing research that benefits all stakeholders in an open context.

Blueprint and Outline

On the right side of this website, you’ll find categories suggested by members of NIST GCTC Data Supercluster. Selecting a category of interest will sort through the materials here and present a time-ordered view of contributed documents, reference articles, presentations, and discussions.

The upcoming DSC blueprint is a snapshot of Action Cluster work, reference materials, and general proven methods and approaches that Smart City stakeholders and other community leaders can use freely.


Our leadership team is open to stakeholders in addressing Smart Communities and fourth industrial revolution driven opportunities. Dr. Sokwoo Rhee oversees the Global Cities Team Challange at the NIST and provides guidance. Bob Bennet from Kansas City MO, Jason Whittet from 100 Resilient Cities/Rockefeller Foundation and Alex Huppenthal, Aspenworks, Ltd are co-chairs helping to organize a facilitate the work being done. Contributions are ongoing, please see individual articles for acknowledgments and credits.