NAFTA Replacement Agreement “USMCA” Comments by

According to Mr.New, the yet to be adopted replacement agreement USMCA for NAFTA encourages data innovation through key components intended to protect intellectual property and minimize restrictions on where personal private data is stored.

Additional details are found in the article linked below.

Joshua New asserts: “By promoting open data, protecting cross-border data flows, and dissuading parties from enacting algorithmic transparency requirements, the USMCA will foster data-driven innovation. As the U.S. considers trade deals with the United Kingdom and other countries, it should pursue similar rules to promote data-driven innovation domestically and abroad.”

Here’s What the USMCA Does for Data Innovation

Earlier this week, the Trump administration announced the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA), the trade deal it intends to replace NAFTA with. The parties-Canada, Mexico, and the United States-still have to adopt the deal, and if they do, they will enjoy several welcome provisions that ca