Smart CIty: Coral Gables Leader Raimundo Rodulfo

Welcome to Aspen’s Podcast – Episode 6 – Smart Cities and Communities – today’s guest is a distinguished Smart City / Community leader: Mr Raimundo Rudolfo, Director of Information Technology, Chief Information and Innovation Officer at the City of Coral Gables Florida. He’s successfully implemented many the Smart City initiatives and break new ground continuously.

He’s been able to apply new technology, gain support from stakeholders by using lean and efficient methods that free up capital and resources to apply to new initiatives.

His globally recognized benefits to the Citizens, businesses and stakeholders in his communities are generously shared through his presentations to Mayors, Community managers, Universities and Businesses.

He’s actively participating in leadership organizations, including the National Institute for Standards and Technology, Global City Teams Challenge organization. He’s a contributor to the GCTC Data supercluster as well.

I’m excited to share the discussion Raimundo and I had about Coral Gables and his series of successes. Welcome to Aspen’s Podcast Raimundo.