Cornel Looks for Answers for Demand Response

Energy Grid response from solar and other utility scale renewables is a problem identified in a recent Cornell University Paper.

The new paper, “Strategic Planning for Utility-Scale Solar Photovoltaic Development – Historical Peak Events Revisited,” was published May 15, 2019

Winter could pose solar farm ‘ramping’ snag for power grid | Cornell Chronicle

By adding utility-scale solar farms throughout New York state, summer electricity demand from conventional sources could be reduced by up to 9.6% in some places. But Cornell engineers caution that upstate winters tell a different tale.

Leaders in Street Lighting Controllers

Global Street Light Controllers Market Top Players 2019 – 2025 : Osram, Lumenova, Nico, Etherbas – The Edge

The Global Street Light Controllers Market report data always remains relevant to the market and consists of market dynamics, prospects, starts, market dynamics and even the Global market volumes into account. It filled with data and deep analysis on market value, environmental analysis, Street Light Controllers advanced techniques, latest developments, Street Light Controllers business strategies and current trends.

800 Megawatt Solar Plant in Morocco

The world’s first advanced hybridisation of concentrated solar power (CSP) and photovoltaic (PV) technologies. The best of both technologies are blended intended to bring cost per kilowatt hour to lower than fossil fuel plants.

Masdar, EDF to build 800 MW hybrid concentrated solar power plant in Morocco

The Moroccan Agency for Sustainable Energy (Masen) said the project, which will have a total installed capacity of 800 MW, is the world’s first advanced hybridisation of concentrated solar power (CSP) and photovoltaic (PV) technologies.

Energy Demand Response Supply Leveling: Pumped Hydro

Will Pumped Hydro Energy Storage Really Get The US To More Wind & Solar?

Clean Power For all the whiz-bang cutting edge developments in new battery technology, good old fashioned pumped storage hydropower is still the number one bulk energy storage system currently available in the US. The big question is how to deploy pumped hydro in ways that funnel more wind and solar power into the US grid – and guess what, the US Department of Energy is on it.

Funding Grant North Country Village

Arts, business support, street improvements in Potsdam’s $10 million downtown grant application | NorthCountryNow

By CRAIG FREILICH North Country This Week POTSDAM – The village is gearing up for its next submission for the annual $10 million grant to a North Country village or city from the state’s Downtown Revitalization Initiative. Key in this year’s application will be securing financial support for the work of a new “Virtual Downtown Business Incubator” for local small business entrepreneurs.

NIST GCTC Expo Registration Available

We’re on track in the Data Supercluster for an exciting Expo event. Check out the details at the NIST GCTC Expo web site and sign up. Its free to attend, but you must register.

Smart and Secure Cities and Communities Challenge Expo

In 2019, Global City Teams Challenge brings you the Smart and Secure Cities and Communities Challenge (GCTC-SC3) Expo, co-hosted by NIST and U.S. Department of Homeland Security Science and Technology Directorate (DHS S&T).

Data/ Machine Learning and Energy Management

The NIST GCTC Supercluster on Data continues to work on Data licensing models that encourage free data, and can extend to derivative data as well, continue to build on a value chain.

How sensor data can help you go green and save energy (and save the planet)

From hospitality to manufacturing to oilfields, industries have started adopting sensor-enabled assets since few years now. Companies have started utilizing sensor data for predictive maintenance and other relevant uses. Electrical devices are being designed with energy efficiency in mind to reduce power requirements. Energy efficiency will be a major focus to reduce global greenhouse emissions.

Data Care Act of 2018

Recent work at the US National Congressional level to ‘establish duties for online service providers with respect to end-user data that such providers collect and use’.

Consider the statement by Facebook: you “own all of the contact and information you post on Facebook” and “can control how it is shared.” Do you? The statement implies Facebook enacts how you’d like to share your data on your behalf – they have primary control over how your data is shared. Does this imply accountability on Facebook’s part? How is that measured? Proven? Are derivative data defined? Do you control derived data on your interaction with Social Media companies?

Intel SGX X86 extensions

First Review at Blackhat. Skylake + bios that supports these extensions is a prerequisite.


SGX Secure Enclaves in Practice: Security and Crypto Review

by Jean-Philippe Aumasson & Luis Merino Software Guard Extensions (SGX) is a technology available in Intel(R) CPUs released in autumn 2015. SGX allows a remote server to process a client’s secret data within a software enclave that hides the secrets from the operating system, hypervisor, and even BIOS or chipset manager, while giving cryptographic evidence to the client that the code has been executed correctly the very definition of secure remote computation.


iExec and Intel present SGX Blockchain Collaboration @ Consensus 2018

Sanjay Bakshi, Principal Engineer @ Intel and Francois Branciard, Developer @ iExec present their work from the Trusted Computing team at Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA) regarding the iExec solution for using SGX in Blockchain products.

Introduction to the Enclave Definition Language Intel® SGX | Intel Software

In this video we are going to discuss the Enclave Definition Language used by Intel® Software Guard Extensions (Intel® SGX). The fundamental protection provided by Intel® SGX is that an enclave’s secrets can only be accessed by the code that is inside the enclave.