Germany Actions to Mitigate Corona Virus

Include social distance, plus moving toward temporary tracking of people in motion.

Vodaphone is one cellular company in Germany that is contributing.

Vodafone launches five-point plan to help counter the impacts of the COVID-19 outbreak

The spread of COVID-19 across Europe is having a significant impact on our day-to-day lives, changing the way we interact with others, introducing new ways of working and curtailing our movements as we adhere to new measures introduced by governments to limit infection and protect the more vulnerable within our societies.


Smart City Data: APIs – Open Source

Streaming data presents a different problem from query/response.


These are streaming projects for city data, showing what is possible when you make valuable city data available in real time. The current projects in this repository are: All projects proxy city data using, and uses Server-Sent Events (SSE) to push updates to each existing city data JSON API, only sending what changes using JSON Patch.

How APIs are Powering Smart Cities

How APIs are powering smart cities

Companies and institutions are coming together to develop smart cities as international meeting points and business hubs. Barcelona, New York, the Australian government or the EU for example have been using APIs to drive connected cities. Rudolf Giffinger, one of the world’s leading experts in urban development, defines smart cities using six clearly separate criteria: economy, mobility, environment, administration, way of life and residents.

Km4City Smart City API

Km4City Smart City

Km4City ontological model and data aggregation of 2014 [Bellini et al., 2014b] with its Smart City API, has been recently augmented with results of the Sii-Mobility project on mobility and transport. Thus, it enables the development and deploy of personal assistant services, for example to implement Mobile Apps for city users with multi-domain information, and at the same time collects data from the users about their preferences and behavior.